We are MIXING things up!

We are MIXING things up!

Just like the ingredients to a recipe, adding an extra touch can take something amazing to something extraordinary!  And that, Friends, is exactly what we have done. 


The Nancy Cates Bakeshop that you know & love will now be operating under a beautiful partnership & serving you now as Ruby Cates Bake+Shop.  


This transition is truly God breathed, and we believe that He has big plans for this sweet shop. God has given a clear vision to Catie & new co-owner Hannah for Ruby Cates, and it is something that only the Lord could have created and orchestrated.


The two met after church on a casual Sunday, and a friendship blossomed bringing us all here today. With their love for cookies, coffee, and community, all centered around Jesus, you can expect great things to come all while providing the products and services you already know & adore. 


Stay tuned as we continue to introduce you to Ruby Cates, and share all the things that the Lord has been weaving to

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